The 4EZ / TAE team is formally launching our EZ-Check system. Developed in partnership with Lakeshore Group LTD, the system utilizes agreed upon proprietary packages alongside the well-known software’s standard pieces too. EZ-Check’s first version includes simple order history listings, art history listings, invoice search functions, and what is being dubbed as the “Status Board” for all live order real time statuses in one simple to interpret list.

The Status Board includes functions for checking order ship dates, firm reference dates, verified order confirmations, goods received listings in detail, approved art checks, order scheduled, order in production, order waiting to ship features, and more. Below is a view of a status board.

Micah Stalarow commented, “The goal of the EZ-Check system being developed in partnership with Lakeshore Group was to present expert programmers with our goal and let them manage developing and deploying it. We want to continue focusing on decorating with efficiency and quality. Bringing this totally in-house would split our attention, so it only made sense to partner with a team, and Lakeshore Group was an easy choice to partner with.”

Kaye Keady, Lakeshore Group’s lead programmer since 1981, had to mention that, “4EZ was a valuable partner in helping us to add to our existing Customer Portal to include features expressly needed in the industry such as the ability to review art used on an order and the status board. The status board is an adaptation of the status board we developed specifically for 4EZ in the full Lakeshore system that keeps them on top of all steps in the production process. We are excited for the plans of future features already in development.”

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Texas Art Embroidery (Div. of is a PPAI/ASI Contract Decorator with a small line of promotional products. The Houston, TX supplier is well known for its quality in embroidery and has resurged as an industry leader since being slowed during COVID-19.

Lakeshore is a full software package for the Promotional Products industry for both suppliers and distributors. It includes order processing and tracking, full accounting, and fulfillment modules.

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